Important Information - Please Read and Keep
The following guidelines should be observed when using balance pads and donut cushions

  • Always consult your physician before participating in any physical activity.
  • Always train under the supervision of a certified trainer or coach.
  • Always use the balance pads on a level surface.
  • Care should always be taken when getting on and off the balance pads. Falling on or off could result in injury. Always use a spotter when using the balance pads.
  • Only use the balance pads in an open area away from furniture, walls or other equipment. Inspect the floor surface for any small objects that could damage the balance pads.
  • Wear proper footwear and keep fingers from underneath the balance pads.
  • This is not a toy! Adult supervision is required whenever a child is near a balance pads.
  • Use only as instructed. Not recommended for any other use.
  • U.D.I. assumes no liability for accidents, injuries or damages that may occur with the use of balance pads and donut cushions.

All Items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

For more information on the balance pads and donut cushion, contact:

5788 Hollister Ave.
Goleta, CA 93117

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